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Monday 3rd August 2020

NZ Spring Drift Series

Choice Events & Promotions is pleased to announce that we are partnering up with TMP Limited, owners and operators of the Taupo motorsport facility, in announcing a 3 Round Drift series.

After a number of years of watching Choice Events develop into a formidable event promotions organisation, Tony Walker from TMP says the company is delighted to announce the partnering with Choice Events to deliver an exciting and prestigious series that will put top class New Zealand drift talent against each other in a not seen before spring series. “The driver’s skill andntertainment value is right up there with anything we see on our track” says Tony. “The opportunity to show the general public how good these guys are was something we just had to buy into, and what better people partner with than the Choice Events & Promotions, we are in the modern vernacular, just stoked”

Something along the lines of The New Zealand Spring Drift Series – has been a dream of Choice Events directors Guy Maxwell and Tony Gallacher. “We are collectively blown away by the interest generated in the first 24 hours, and now even more excited than ever to bring this series to the drift category of motorsport in the country”.  “We would like to also thank TMP Limited for the trust they have put in Choice Events to put this together in such a short time frame after being notified of the available dates, and given the circumstances we are excited to take the opportunity to make moves” .

Moving onto the Series Info – the part that everyone wants to know. As most of you, or hopefully ALL of you that are interested will appreciate, this has happened rather quickly as of today’s date, and there has not been a lot of time to put a huge amount of information together officially with confirmation on every aspect of the series. This will be released in due course as quickly as possible. The Info we are comfortable with releasing to date though is, as follows.  The series will be 3 rounds, on 3 different track layouts, over 3 weekends. With 2
different classes – Open Class & Restricted Class.

The Series will run under a sanctioned governing sports body, that may include a small fee for membership, and a competition Log Book. More info to come on this section. (As soon as we possibly and viably can.)

OPEN Class – (at this stage, but not limited to) will be purely open rules on running gear, chassis. The only limited item ruling we have decided on to date, is a tyre width maximum of 295 width.

RESTRICTED class – (at this stage, but not limited to) will have very similar if not identical rules to what most would be familiar with and know as the current Pro-Sport Category. Notably – a 235 maximum tyre width rule.

Timeline of events:
Friday 2nd October – Shakedown Practice – (Extra Cost of $50 Per Driver) – This
Shakedown meeting will be 2 hours each on the new Track layouts for Round 1 & 2, a chance to help with testing and tuning for those rounds. Round 3 will be the traditional ‘Track 2 reverse” section most are familiar with.

Friday October 9th – Pack in to venue + 4 Hours Practice Round 1
Saturday October 10th – Round 1 Warm up, Qualifying and Battle Tree

Friday October 30th – Pack in to venue + 4 Hours Practice Round 2
Saturday October 31st – Round 2 Warm up, Qualifying and Battle Tree.

Friday November 27th – Pack in to venue + 4 Hours Practice Round 3
Saturday November 28th – Round 3 Warm up, Qualifying and Battle Tree.

Rounds 1 & 2 – All Drivers will be supplied with a Pit garage as part of their entry fee.  Round 3 will be run in conjunction with another event, and each driver will be supplied with a marquee spot each. At every round, we will allocate Driver + 2 Crew members thier admission tickets, additional crew admission is available at general admission pricing.

The prize money Per Round will be: Overall Championship Prize Money:

The prize money Per Round will be:

OPEN – 1st $500, 2nd $250, 3rd $100

RESTRICTED – 1st $300, 2nd $150, $50

Overall Championship Prize Money:

1st $5000, 2nd $2500, 3rd $1000

RESTRICTED – 1st $3000, 2nd $1500, $500

Trophies will be awarded and presented at the conclusion of each round and also at the conclusion of Round 3, the overall trophies will be presented.

Each Driver will be asked to submit at the time of entering, an image of their vehicle, and then supplied with 500 A3 – Series promotional posters, these are to be used at advised times for public relations outings (more details will emerge of this), and at driver signings during the event.

We are looking to bring an exciting new qualifying format, and a battle tree for the
first 2 rounds, where there are battles to decide all 16 positions for points. 

We look forward to introducing the series judges, and the points scoring system to you in due time. Before the entries are open.

Entry Fee’s:
OPEN CLASS – $2100+ GST.

This can be invoiced directly to a sponsor of yours, or paid via our website when we release the official entry form and open entry process.

Additional information, as mentioned earlier, will be released by Choice Events &
Promotions as quickly as possible. Any questions or queries you may have, feel free to direct to my email address –

I look forward to the development of the information and am excited to deliver this to you over the coming weeks.